Frequently Asked Questions

What is plasma?

– Plasma is simply a super-charged gas filled with highly reactive molecule aggregations some refer to as ‘clusters’, rather than stable molecules. The chemical, biological and odorous contaminants are essentially complex molecules and their harmful effects are caused by their intricate structure. Plasma-induced oxidation shatters the bonds that hold potentially harmful chemicals and biological elements together, leaving the simple elements of purified air in their place. Because highly energized Plasma fills a given space and comes into contact with virtually everything in it as it moves around, it destroys contaminants in the air, as well as on surfaces.

Does Plasma work on particles?

– No. While plasma contains ions, plasma, as the energized gas as a whole, does not possess a net positive or negative charge.

The air feels fresher after using Optipura. Is it because Optipura units supply oxygen?

– Optipura units adds energy to the air to create a sense of freshness into an indoor atmosphere, similar to the effect of the Sun’s radiant energy on the air outdoors. However it does not add or remove oxygen to change the total amount of oxygen in a given space.

I’ve heard of ozone. Are there any differences between Ozone generators and Optipura equipment?

– When compared with ozone generators, Optipura plasma devices have more cleansing power than dedicated machines designed to produce copious amounts of ozone. Ozone is just one component of Optipura’s cleaning mix which include Reactive Oxygen Species and Hydroxyl Ions. Optipura’s proprietary technology optimizes the balance between the production of ozone and other charged molecules such as hydroxyls and reactive oxygen species. Because it contains a mix of naturally-ocurring reactive elements, plasma has been shown to clean contaminants up to five times faster than ozone alone, and with greater comfort.

– Optipura plasma generators work well in a wide range of environments thus outperforming standard ionizers or ozone generators in humid indoor spaces and climates.

Is Optipura equipment safe to use in occupied spaces?

– Optipura equipment may be operated safely in confined spaces with proper configuration. If in doubt please contact us or any of our trained authorized representatives.

Why Optipura equipment?

– Optipura is known to make one of the finest commercial tools for indoor environmental deodorization, sanitization and general air purification. Their versatility of application, effectiveness, convenience and ease of use makes them highly employable in industries where odour control, hygiene improvement or air purification are desired to regain earning potential and to attract or accommodate more business.

– As many users have realized, Optipura’s DSP™ technology operates efficiently and without the use of added chemicals. This enables owners and managers to adopt more eco-friendly and sustainable practices in their organization as part of the global Green Movement.

– Optipura units are backed by a standard limited product warranty and supported by professionals who can assist in getting the most out of your unit in the immediate and the longer term.

– As a useful commercial tool Optipura makes a sound investment and is the professional’s choice to Deodorize, Sanitize, Purify™ indoor spaces.

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