Indoor Air Quality Facts

Irritation and Cancer

Chronic formaldehyde exposure is associated with eye and nose irritation and cancer. It off-gases from many of today’s modern fittings and furnishings such as carpets and furniture made out of plywood or compressed wood. Optipura breaks down formaldehyde and improves comfort in places where formaldehyde is suspected to cause irritation.

Near and Far

Germs are not only found in the air in indoor environments but on surfaces too. Optipura’s plasma has been tested to kill germs situated some distance away from the Optipura unit thereby demonstrating the active effectiveness of its plasma to improve hygiene in the space in which it is used.

Health and Productivity

Air quality has a direct impact on health and productivity. While transmission of pathogens in poor air quality conditions may directly be correlated to incidence of illness within a specific space, it has also been shown that mental abilities related to work performance are diminished if workers feel that the air quality is not good. Optipura kills airborne and surface germs as well as freshens indoor spaces to help decrease the likelihood of casual infections, and set a conducive environment for optimal productivity.