Optipura’s 3-in-1 DSP™ Technology

Optipura’s proprietary DSP™ technology optimizes and incorporates advanced technologies to provide unrivaled effectiveness, comfort and ease of use.

Germicidal UV: Optipura uses optimized industry standard germicidal UV (UVGI or UVC) to kill airborne microorganisms.

Accelerated Photo-Degradation (APD™): Optipura’s nano-thin layering produces the APD effect which hastens the decomposition of airborne organic contaminants within each unit.

Advanced Plasma: Optipura equipment are fine-tuned to energize existing air molecules to generate Plasma units which travel around and fills indoor spaces to start breaking down airborne and surface contaminants upon contact, even at the far end of the room.

Lab Tests show the power of Optipura DSP™ Technology to break down a wide range of organic contaminants persisting in many indoor environments.

Lab Tests

Tests by independent third-party laboratories show organic contaminants of different sizes are degraded by Optipura

User-arranged tests conducted by independent laboratories show the effectiveness of Optipura in real world applications.

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